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The Grass Gypsys: Bio

Husband and wife musical duo, The Grass Gypsys, currently live in Boston and perform their original music as a duo and with their band in a wide variety of music venues. They have enjoyed time traveling and touring the United States, performing their original music.  Since the band’s inception in 2006,  Colleen & Justin Kleya, have continued to write unique material drawing from jazz, blues, folk, new age and rock, with positive lyrics of love, life, travel, and adventure.

  Their debut album, 2006’s “Legends, Myths and Fairytales”, captures the excitement of new love and the promise of bringing light to lifes experiences.  After two cross country tours, and time spent performing throughout Southern California, The Grass Gypsys followed up with 2008’s “Lessons from Eden”.  This 10 song collection chronicles a year of life on the road, traveling making music.  Lush with vivid imagery, listeners are whisked away on a journey through the rolling hills and forests of the Northeast, brought to the city streets of New York, through the red rock and dust of the Southwest, and back again. In 2012, they released their most matured album to date “SymbolsongS”, a well-produced hybrid recorded with a full band.

 Constantly expanding the possibilties for themselves to make their music connection with their community and the world, the two are performing for live audiences in a variety of venues, which now include yoga concert classes!

  The Grass Gypsys currently perform at music festivals, restaurants and music venues, and private settings, as well as yoga studios and retreat centers. They perform with Kevin Silvia ( and Mike Carlucci ( The Grass Gypsys Band). They also perform Yoga Concert Classes and Yoga Jams - classes set to music by the duo or group - with a variety of yoga instructors in the region including -  Betty Riaz, Karuna O'Donnell, Cam Caccione and more. 

Yoga Concert Classes

The Grass Gypsys bring the gift of heartfelt and meaningful music to your yoga practice. Original music and renditions of mantra, as well as healing soundscapes live, Colleen and Justin Kleya weave a colorful tapestry of music with beautiful vocals, guitar, percussion and singing bowls. 

The Grass Gypsys' Band

Improvisatory flights of spontaneous creation, lush vocal harmonies, virtuosic musicianship -- the complete expression of which is; a high energy, high vibrational, rock and roll foray into the collective works of The Grass Gypsys.

The Grass Gypsys Band is a soulful folk-rock fusion of musical styles and songwriters.  Organically grown over the past few years – this 4 piece group that was originally developed as a supporting band for Boston based husband and wife acoustic duo The Grass Gypsys, has become an entity unto itself featuring the collective original song catalog of each of its members. 

Replacing acoustic guitar for the classic strains of electric power, Justin and Colleen Kleya’s timeless songs of love, travel, and positivity realize full potential as influences suspected float to the surface in high definition sound.  From Northern Rhode Island comes guitarist/vocalist, Kevin Silvia, a veteran of the South Eastern New England songwriter scene.  From magical Massachusetts, Mike Carlucci brings grooves that will make you dance .  

The Grass Gypsys Band is available for clubs, festivals, colleges, and performance venues throughout the Northeast. 

Colleen Kleya: Vox/Percussion, Justin Kleya: Electric & Acoustic Guitar/Vox, Kevin Silvia: Acoustic Guitar/Vox, Mike Carlucci: Drums/Vox

Traveling Tree

The Grass Gypsys, Colleen & Justin Kleya, and Nicolas Despo found common ground in their unique original material. Songs of love, inspiration, divine purpose, positive change & the open road linked the singer/songwriters by invisible threads, made manifest in their dynamic live performances. They recorded their 6-song e.p. “Traveling Tree”, in San Diego with accomplished San Diego producer/ engineer, Sven Erik-Seaholm. The disc features three songs from The Grass Gypsys catalogue, two from Nicolas, and an original written by the trio. Also featured on the recording is the fiddle-playing and soprano voice of Austin, Texas native, Amy Castner. They are currently recording recording new music.

All originally from Massachusetts, The Grass Gypsys and Nicolas Despo have found a deeper part of themselves as expressed by life on the road as traveling musicians. They have played from San Diego through the southwest desert, across the plains of west Texas, into the heart of American music as found in Austin, Memphis and Nashville and up through the mid-atlantic states, the 2007 “Traveling Tree Tour” found audiences from the hot springs of New Mexico to the dogwood-lined streets of Charlottesville, smiling, applauding and feeling good as these three troubadours of old brought their songs and stories of the road, with smiling faces, open hearts and harmonized voices.

Traveling Tree is in the process of recording an album and can be seen performing live sporadically in small towns and huge cities across the country. Stay tuned!