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The Grass Gypsys: What's Up

Songs and Snow: Feb 2015 - February 19, 2015

Colleen here - sitting by the window of our Boston apartment with a cup of tea and our slung, sleeping babe. Looking out the window at a world transformed from a record breaking snowfall. It's been a time to be at home and nest. This by its virtue, brings Justin and I together for some songwriting. We've both been coming up with ideas that have been cross-referencing all the genres and possibilities. Looking forward to sharing the new music. Stay tuned

~ Welcome to the Season of Change ~ - September 15, 2012

Hey Friends! 

Fall is in the air and with it ~ change.  We have a new band line up, a new album, and new dates and are excited for the chance to share some experience with y'all!  John Bordage, a bi-coastal transplant from points West and East, joins us on drums.  We continue to be joined by, R.I. native, Kevin Silvia, along with his dense original catalog (new album from Kevin Silvia coming soon!).  We met both of these guys in San Diego during The Van Years, and it's great to have a piece of S.D. with us here in Boston!  Welcome John!

Check out the Calendar page for new dates this Fall including; Yoga Concert Classes with Colleen and Justin, club dates, and more.  The new album, "SymbolsongS" is available online now at CD Baby and iTunes and at shows.

Dig the vibes - we wish you all the best and thank you for your continued support!


The Grass Gypsys

SymbolsongS Available online now! - June 29, 2012

We're so happy to announce that "SymbolsongS" - our newest album - is now available for purchase and download at - you iTunes folks can stay tuned, it will be available there as well shortly enough, but if you just gotta have it, you can get it!

Special thanks to the band: Kevin Silvia, Brian O'Connell, Dave Scandurra and Chris Belden for sharing their talents in this project; Scott Marucci and Mike Burke for engineering, and Jenna O'Connell for the inspired art work!  Thank you all so much!

Check out the calendar page for upcoming dates.  Peace ~ Love ~ & Rock n Roll in 2012!

Colleen & Justin

2012 - It's here! - January 3, 2012

Happy New Year 2012!  We are so excited for all that is to come this year - from our new album, the performance of our bass player and dear friend, Brian O'Connell's, rock opera Over the Line, new shows, new songs, and new experiences.  Stay tuned to the website for new updates, live tracks from shows, and more info.  Peace and Love to you all in 2012!

Winter Solstice - New Year - New Album! - December 16, 2011

The Winter Solstice approaches - and the stillness of Winter offers a crisp clarity of intent and purpose.  After a busy Fall of shows, we are back in studio 12e finishing our 3rd album, due to be released in January of 2012.  We lots of great shows planned in 2012, from a New Years Day concert class with Roberto Lim at Back Bay Yoga, to a show at PA's Lounge in Somerville with brief Awakening to celebrate Kat's birthday!  Here's to the season of goodwill toward all and peace on Earth - it's possible.  Check out some new live tracks from a recent show at the Haven in JP, more live tracks to come!  Let us know if you'd like to receive our e-mails with performance dates and updates.  Peace ~ The Grass Gypsys 12/11

What's new in 2011!!! - January 23, 2011

How 'bout a third album featuring members of our full band?!  That's new, for sure!

Happy New Year, everyone!  We are stoked about 2011 and all of its limitless potential.  We've been recording with Scott Marucci (The Autumn Hollow Band, Millis Pride) at Studio 12-E in Waltham, MA. and the tracks are sounding incredible.  Joined by members of our full band, Brian O'Connell (Bass, Touch Guitar), Kevin Silvia (Vocals), and Dave Scandurra (Drums, Percussion, Vocals), the album has nine tunes written between the years of 2007-2010, and continues to expand upon themes of Love, Adventure, The Road, Postive Change, and Concscious Expansion!  Here's the track list:

Love Song - Moonlight Blue - Bertha - Memphis - The Ballad of Jim & Di (Only Want to be With You) - This Mystery - Good Friends - Hold Back the Grey - Higher

And the title....The Grass Gypsys ~ Symbol Songs


Half way through April, who cranked the Cosmic Clock? - April 15, 2010



Time's speeding up, the universe is evolving, and we're playing some killer shows this month!  Check us out at Out of the Blue on the 16th, and AUSTIN, TX!!! on the 22cd.

And even though it's all happening in the blink of an eye, take 10 minutes, throw a frisbee, or it might sound cliche, but smell the roses.  Have you?  They're beautiful. 

Hello March! Rad Events, the Equinox, and Life! - March 1, 2010

Yes, welcome March, for sure, and welcome to our website, it's great that your here!  We're just a few short weeks from longer days, warmer Sun, and general good vibes.  All that compounded with some super cool events and gigs lined up, and you can understand our excitement.  And what a way to start things moving in the right direction, with two events aimed at creating peace, internally & externally. 

Friday, 3/5, finds us at a Benefit celebrating Latin American solidarity and social justice work with Witness for Peace & Echos of Silence.  Music, food, & community.

Saturday, 3/6, welcomes Love, Compassion, and Peace into all beings at the Twilight Concert Yoga Class at Stil Studio in Dedham, MA.  Let Pranavayu Yoga instructor Kevan Gale lead you through a 70 minute flow class and 20 minute guided meditation while we play our most heart opening material.

Friday, 3/12, we're back at the Tavern from Tower Square in Plainville, MA. with our dear friend, Kevin Silvia.  Join us at the Tavern Lounge with some of your good friends, as our trio sings our lively originals and timeless classics from the American music lexicon.

Friday, 3/19, Spring Equinox Celebration at the Out of the Blue Art Gallery in Central Sq. Cambridge.  You know it's always a good time.

Saturday, 3/27, We're going on the road with our buddy Kevan Gale to visit the lululemon athletica store in Union Sq. N.Y.C. for a free in store Concert Yoga Class. 

For more information on all of these events, head to the Calendar for specific times, locations and details.  Yay, March!

Website info and more. - January 22, 2010

Alright!  Glad you made it over to our new home within the deep realms of cyberspace.  Hope you're digging it, we certainly are, so you might notice a few changes from time to time as we get comfortable with the space.  You know, it's like moving, you're not quite sure how that little table is going to fit in that nook, but you have a vision.  Make sense?  So keep coming back, you might get some new video or live tracks from a show, or some lyrics to a favorite song.  Just don't be a stranger, and drop us a line.  Good things to come!  Peace!

The Grass Gypsys

New Website Launch! - January 4, 2010

If you're here, you found it! Our new website is up and totally happening, so buzz around, check out some of the photos from our travels past, watch some videos, and drop us a line. We're working hard in Gypsy Land and hope to see all of our friends and fans across this great nation soon. Peace and Love to all! Happy New Year!
Justin & Colleen
The Grass Gypsys

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